the slash gen's dancing diva: candess correll


I'd like to introduce you to my beautiful friend, Candess! 

Initially I thought it would be awesome to have her open up about her fitness and health journey. As I worked on her questions, I kept fighting the urge to ask more. Not only is she a black woman dominating the tech industry, she is also a role model, NFL Cheerleader, and has numerous other accomplishments under her belt. This interview is jump starting a new project I’m working on; a project that works to highlight women and all of their “slashes” and I am so happy to have Candess as my first feature!

I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the term” slash generation” but it refers to millennials and the many hats we wear. Whether we’re young professionals by day and entrepreneurs pursuing our passions by night, many of us seem to be working on a number of projects at once. Can you tell us about some of your “hats”?

Candess: First off, I just want to thank you Tacha for having me as a feature! I love how encourages all types of women to be healthy, loving, ambitious...and to feel and look like a queen doing it! That’s literally what I’m all about. I’ve actually never heard of the term “slash generation” but that really does describe me perfectly. Before anything else, I am a believer. I feel like my faith is the core of my life and is what allows me to balance all the other hats I wear. I am also a software engineer, NFL cheerleader, newly homeowner, health & fitness enthusiast, girlfriend, sister...and Beyonce LOL. But seriously, I feel like being in this “slash generation” is one of the best things about being a millennial. We pick up and put down hats all the time. It allows us to create a well-rounded skillset and network.

One of the things that I love most, is how multidimensional you are! What advice would you give to someone who is dealing with competing interests and doesn’t know which to pursue professionally?

Candess: I think the hardest obstacle for this problem is getting to the point in realizing that your passions and interest don’t have to compete. I grew up telling myself that I had to choose my profession as either a dancer or a coder...and I partially blame society for that. Older generations sort of push you into the thought that you HAVE to choose your profession when you’re eighteen and you MUST stick that one until you retire at 65. That’s total BS. As life goes on, your passions and interests change, opportunities pop up and leave so I think it’s smart to have more than one interest that you can do professionally. It’s definitely hard to juggle multiple interests, but again, I think that is what is most valuable about being in this slash generation. I encourage everyone to have multiple hustles, because if anything, multiple hustles can equate to multiple incomes and who doesn’t like the sound of that?

I’ve struggled with finding a workout routine that I’ll stick with and will give me the results that I’m looking for. How did you create and commit to your fitness routine?

Candess: Ugh! I had to learn the hard way of getting a solid workout routine. It’s pretty difficult to figure out what is right for you especially because everyone’s goal and body is different. Like many, I gained like 20 pounds my freshman year of college. I eventually lost about 30 more by doing cardio-intensive workouts and eating lean meats with no carbs. Now - 4 years later, I have no intentions and losing weight so my workouts consist of running, weighted squats, abs and dancing! I love the look of lean, toned legs so I like to do sets of 25 squats with 20lbs weights by my sides. My abs are probably my favorite part of my body so I like to do intense ab exercises like 2-3 minute planks, normal crunches, six inches and oblique twists. But the thing about abs is that you can do all the crunches you want, but you won’t see an ab pop until you start to eat clean. I recently converted to being vegan and am excited for how this diet change is going to shape my body (stay tuned). You can definitely get & keep abs by eating grilled chicken, turkey and salmon, but I truly believe you’ll get the best and fastest results by having a plant based diet.

Let’s pretend you get a well-deserved break from all of your responsibilities for a week. What are you doing with that time?

Candess: Honestly, I probably wouldn’t even know what to do with myself lol. But one of the hardest things for me having so many responsibilities is trying to balance my relationships as well. I think it’s extremely important to nurture your relationship with those that love and support you. So, if I had some free time, I would solely dedicate all my time to my family, friends, boyfriend and puppy, and just chilllllllllllll. After all, these are the people who inspire me to go back and work harder when I’m ready to tackle on my responsibilities again.

It seems like you can do it all! What’s next for Ms. Candess Correll?

Candess: Haha actually that is something that I’m still trying to figure out now. Buying my first home was a longtime dream of mine and now that the keys are finally in my hands now, I’m not sure what my next big accomplishment should be. So right now, I really just want to take some time and enjoy all that I am currently doing, learn how to properly balance everything and then take it a step higher. You can always keep up with me and how I wear my many hats on my social media! Instagram: @dancingcandee and Twitter: @dancingcandee & @WRC_Candess. Xoxo