Calling All the Skincare Obsessed!

Hey Skincare Lovers!

A few weeks ago, I featured my jade roller in my Instagram story and received a ton of feedback! Everyone was curious to know what jade rolling is all about, why I do it, and where they could get one, so I’m here today to give you the rundown.

Jade rolling is awesome for so many reasons, it can help to:

  • prevent fine lines and wrinkles by releasing the tension we hold in our faces,

  • brighten the skin,

  • depuff and tighten the skin,

  • encourage lymphatic drainage (detoxifying),

  • improve skin elasticity,

  • increase blood circulation,

  • and for the crystal users: jade is a stone that promotes peace

I don’t always use my jade roller consistently, but when I do I notice a brighter complexion. At less than $10, I’d say it’s worth a try!

You can shop the exact Jade Roller I use here


Natacha JohnComment