Put down the Hair Grease and Reach for Some Natural Hair Oils Instead!

I’m back with another hair post! Today I want to talk about all of the different hair oils that are out there. It’s actually a little funny to be writing this right now because years ago I knew nothing about NATURAL hair oils and now I don’t know what I’d do without them. I obsess over natural products. If I can use it in my hair AND on my skin...I’m sold. With that being said, all of the oils that I mention below are safe for hair and skin because they are 100% natural and only list one ingredient on the label (but be careful, not all natural oils are non-comedogenic...meaning some may clog your pores). 

These oils are not to be confused with essential oils which have benefits of their own but are not typically used for adding moisture to the hair. The oils we are talking about today are considered carrier oils and can be used on their own or in combination with essential oils for different purposes.

Before we dive right in I have to mention, any naturalista will tell you, it's all in the technique! If I'm using the same combination of products but applying them to my hair differently my curls will form differently. With that being said, I avoid applying oils to my hair while it's wet. I've found that whenever I do this my curls come out smaller, tighter, and more weighed down. However, as a fine-haired girl, I want all the fluff and volume I can get which is why applying my leave in and a dollop of cream, letting my hair dry completely, THEN smoothing some oil over my ends and scrunching it through my hair is the way to go! This way my mane turns out light and fluffy, and I end up with bigger, chunkier curls.

Alright. Shall we proceed? 

We’re going to start off with my personal favorite hair oil at the moment. Sweet almond oil is a winner, guys! I tend to avoid oils that will weigh my hair down or feel greasy to the touch. This oil is the perfect balance for me! It leaves my curls super soft but I’m still able to achieve fluffy, bouncy hair which is exactly how I like it to be!

Before I fell for almond oil, like so many of us, I was a coconut oil junkie! Coconut oil appears solid but is soft and melts easily with only your body heat. This oil gives similar results to almond oil and was my go-to for quite a while. The only downside to this oil is that for me personally, it isn’t good to use year round. In the warmer months, it's a dream, but when the temperature drops I notice that my hair becomes a bit stiff when I use it. Almost like it’s freezing...lol, and we don’t want that.

On the completely opposite side of the spectrum, we have castor oil. This oil is incredibly thick and heavy! For this reason, it serves a different purpose in my hair care routine. I like to use castor oil to pre-poo (basically, soaking my hair in oil a day/night prior to wash day for added moisture and to keep the shampoo from stripping my hair). I also like to deep condition with it by adding it to some of my favorite hair masks. Castor oil is popular for it's reputation as an oil that promotes hair growth and thickness which is why, even though I'm a fine hair gal, I had to find a way to use it and reap those benefits! If you’re a  with thick hair, kinky hair this one might work well for you!

Recently I’ve picked up an old favorite, argan oil, to try out again. I remember loving this stuff so much back in the day when I would flat iron my hair daily! It made my hair soft and flowy and does the same thing for my curly hair! I also love that the particular brand I bought, Shea Moisture, makes small bottles WITH a pump which makes it super easy to travel with. This is actually the oil that I use most often for my skin as well. I love to mix a pump in with my night time moisturizer for some added hydration. You’ll wake up the next morning with bright, glowing skin.

There are tons of other oils you can use jojoba, baobab, babassu, olive oil, and the list goes on and on! I’d encourage you to try some of these, even if they don’t work well when styling you can always find another use, just like I did with the castor oil! Either way, it’s a win-win situation!

‘Til next time, beauties!

Tacha J

Natacha John