DevaCurl Review: Heaven in Hair & One Condition Delight

A few weeks ago I stumbled into an Ulta...and I'm sure you guys know how this story ends. I walked in for one thing, and about one hour and $100+ later, I left with everything EXCEPT that one thing. Let's be honest, we've all been there. Anyway, I've had my eye on DevaCurl products for a while now but the price tag is a little higher than I'm typically willing to spend on a hair product. This time though, I decided to bite the bullet and indulge. Here are my thoughts...

So for starters, I planned to use these products for the first time on a Sunday (my usual wash day). However, on this particular Sunday the weather was incredible and I milked every minute I could get with my boyfriend before the work week would consume us. With that being said, I didn't get home until late in the evening and debated postponing for one more day so that I could deep condition with the Heaven In Hair for at least a few hours like I'd usually do. But for some reason, I decided to just go ahead and give it a shot. I co-washed my hair as usual and then finger combed the Heaven In Hair from root to tip, covered my hair with a plastic cap, wrapped my head in a t-shirt to keep the heat from my scalp insulated and watched tv for about 20 minutes. When the time was up, I rinsed the product out of my hair and went about my styling routine. Typically I use a light leave-in conditioner and scrunch about a quarter size amount of a thicker cream into my hair to seal in the moisture and give me big, juicy curls, but I decided to try the One Condition on its own to really put the product to the test and see how it'd perform. 


You guys, I was completely blown away the next day. My hair was so light and bouncy but it still had amazing hold. In fact the hold was so amazing that I made it all the way to day 5 hair (on day 4 I refreshed some curls that were looking a little frizzy with a dab of One Condition, some argan oil, and water)! That's an accomplishment for me! Usually I'm able to wear my wash and go for two days before I start manipulating it to look presentable lol. Not this time! These products left my curls soft, moisturized, and DEFINED for 5 days!


Now I understand why these products are priced the way they are. They are QUALITY. If you do try these out let me know what you think via Instagram (@tach.j)!

'Til next time, beauties!

Tacha J

All photos taken by @t.brownmedia (on Instagram)

Natacha John