The 5 Deep Conditioners I Can't Live Without

Hey Beauties! 

Deep conditioning is the most important step of my hair maintenance routine. I largely attribute my hair health and growth to DC-ing. Before I got serious about my process and decided to make it a nonnegotiable part of my week, my hair was weak, dry, frizzy, and I was so frustrated with it's perpetually short length. It felt like my hair hadn't grown in years, if anything it was only getting shorter and thinner. Now, instead of treating it like a chore, I enjoy the process. Yes, it's time consuming. Yes, it usually occupies my Friday nights. But it's become part of my self care. 

Photo by  Sanniyah Sloan

It's the one time out of the week that I get to do something GOOD for my hair. 

There are deep conditioners for almost every hair concern: dryness, breakage, dullness, damage, etc. Personally, I find it best to alternate my DCs on a weekly basis. So if I use an uber moisturizing DC one week, I'll follow up with a protein treatment to strengthen my curls the next. Like with most things, it's all about balance. Too many protein treatments will leave you with straw-like hair while too many moisturizing treatments (without the balance of a strengthening product) can leave your hair soft and fluffy but weak and lacking any real definition

You definitely don't have to alternate week by week the way that I do. Try playing around with it and find a method that works best for YOU and YOUR curls. There's no one size fits all routine. 

Now to save you some time (and dollas on product fails) below you'll find my Top 5, all time favorite DCs, in no particular order. Have it up, boos!