A Look Back at Curl Talk

My best friend turned family, you guys know her as Erin, and I promised ourselves and each other that 2017 would be THE YEAR OF THE FOLLOW THROUGH. To us, that means we'd actively pursue and achieve all the things we want for ourselves. And rather than sitting around and waiting for the right opportunities to arrive on our doorsteps, we'd make our own. If you know me personally, you know that I'm passionate but also like to live well within my comfort zone. Our idea to organize Curl Talk required that I take a huge step outside of said comfort zone and I have to say, hosting this event turned out to be one of the most fun and most rewarding things I've ever done. 

The idea was simple. Every time we get together with our girlfriends, after we've had our wine and pizza, the conversation somehow leads to us discussing hair, sharing tips and tricks, ranting about micro aggressions, and recommending our holy grail products to each other--why not extend the invitation to more ladies for greater perspective, to empower, encourage, and educate one another, and for some always important networking? If you're familiar with the curly girl world, you know that this idea isn't new. In fact, there are tons of similar events that go on in New York and Los Angeles. But staying true to our New Years Resolution, we decided to stop waiting and wishing we could join in on the curly girl fun, and decided to bring it to DC!

Our event grew faster than we had ever imagined. What was supposed to be a small brunch for 25 people rapidly transformed into a full on event for 50. We sold out of tickets, not once but TWICE. It was exhilarating and a little intimidating. The entire time we planned we worried that we bit off more than we could chew but we had no choice but to keep it going. We successfully brought roughly 40 women of all ages and all stages in their natural hair journey together. Guests were able to mix and mingle with one another over a delicious brunch menu and bottomless mimosas which easily and instantly broke the ice. The room was filled with so much love and light, it was as if we'd all known each other for years and it was such a breathe of fresh air to meet some of our favorite Instagram-ers and bloggers in real life! 

After getting to know one another, we gathered more closely for an open forum where we were able to discuss many curly girl topics ranging from our thoughts on natural hair and professionalism to the most annoying things people say about our hair. The room was radiating with a welcoming energy that prompted a lot of participation and made for an insightful, and sometimes funny, discussion.

All in all, Curl Talk was bigger and better than I could have ever planned!

A very special thank you to our dear friend Joy (@joyimani) who helped us to document our vision with her amazing photography skills! She not only captured the event itself but also shot the photos that were used for our promotional fliers (one of which can be found on my home page *wink wink*). You can view more pictures and download your favorites here

I'd also like to thank JR (@jrthewitness) for being our videographer and compiling such a beautiful video to recap our day! We can't thank you enough! 

One last thank you to the beautiful Fedorah (@namedafterahat) for being our special guest for the day! I'm looking forward to more get togethers and endless hair talk with you!

'Til next time, beauties!