A Guide for the On-The-Go Gal

I have a confession to make: I don't always have it together and I can be embarrassingly forgetful at times. Managing my full-time day job, blogging, collaborating with other creatives, brunching with my girls, enjoying special moments with my beau, and carving out quality time with my family takes a toll on ya girl! My thoughts are constantly reeling, leaving me with the tough job of enjoying the present moment without a looming mental to-do list. I know I'm not the only scatterbrain out there which prompted me to write this post. I've been working hard on improving myself; I want to be my best self and that doesn't only include my hair and skin. I'm talking EVERYTHING. So why not go on this journey together? Here are a few habits that are helping me balance my busy schedule and shake my absentminded-ness. 

1. Get yourself a planner! Something about writing out your obligations and organizing your daily duties is incredibly satisfying and keeps me focused. This can be a virtual planner like the calendar app on your phone, Google Calendar, or any other app out there. Personally, I'm all about old school planners. I've tried a few different calendar apps and never made good use out of them. I was double booking obligations and forgetting to put them in my phone, I wasn't checking it daily, I never had my reminders set for the right times. It was a mess! Physically writing everything down somehow makes it more real for me. Plus, planners can be so cute! The one I'm currently using is from Target and came loaded with stickers to dress up your little notes and keep track of payday.

2. This tip is going to piggyback off of the first one. Now that you have a planner, make sure you're making good use of it! I find it helpful to plan my week on Sunday's. I'll sit with my planner and think of everything that I need to get done. I know myself better than anyone which means I know what I can and cannot (or will and will not) accomplish in a day so I make an active effort to keep my goals realistic because I don't do well when I'm overloaded. If you're balancing school or a day job, or both, try limiting your daily personal to do list to between 3 - 5 items. And write EVERYTHING down, even the small things. I find that whenever I omit a task, I'll forget about it. Then I find myself scrambling to get things done before a deadline. Now that all of your tasks are written down (or typed into your phone), remember that you can be flexible! As disciplined as I try to be, some days certain things just aren't going to get done. Sometimes plans change and it's okay to shift things around! 

3. Wake up early. I'm not telling you to wake up at sunrise on a Saturday because even I won't do that! But I am saying that whenever I have a day off and want it to be as productive as possible I like to get started as early as possible. I find that I'm most productive this way. If I do too much laying in bed and scrolling on my timeline, the entire day goes by in the blink of an eye and what have I accomplished? NADA! 


4. Lastly, I try to be as prepared as possible. Truth is sometimes you just have to make it work! If I have a photoshoot or event to attend after work, at 5:00 pm you'll catch me in the ladies room transforming. I'll pack my makeup essentials and a change of clothes and make it work! A little highlight here, a touch of bronzer there, and a dab of lipstick to dress up my simple look and I'm out the door and headed to my next engagement. 

Don't forget to share any tips on how you keep it together despite your busy schedule with me here or on Instagram @tach.j! 

Much Love, 

Tacha J.

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