Let's Get This Energy in Order!

Welcome back, beautiful people! 

Today we're trying something a little different because I'm feeling inspired to share a bit of perspective with you all. We're going to be talking about my experience with the positivity epidemic that has been bombarding our timelines and news feeds. Corporations have caught on quick and our favorite stores haven't wasted a second stamping "good vibes only" on their merchandise. Just look at DJ Khaled! He's created quite the buzz and secured some huge brand deals for his constant positivity! But today I want to open up and encourage you all to do some soul searching. We all know how to be positive in theory but actually adopting this lifestyle change takes much more practice than most of us realize. I'm here to humanize it for you. 

I graduated from college in December, 2016. I have to be honest, that last year was a struggle. Not in that "ugh, I have a paper due in the morning and I've been out partying all night" way either. We're talking, "how am I supposed to afford my tuition? I'm balancing a full time job, multiple internships, and am barely finding the time to eat or sleep! Do I even know what I want to do with my life?" To top it off I was struggling to find peace with transitions that were taking place in my personal life and battling the constant stress of having a loved one in and out of the hospital undergoing multiple surgeries. I was upset and overwhelmed for months. As a result, I was spewing negativity everywhere because that's what I felt I was handed. But here's the real kicker: my messed up attitude was only perpetuating my messed up reality. 

After graduation, I struggled with finding a job. I didn't know what I was doing wrong or what I was missing. I'd made Dean's List numerous times, was an active member of an on-campus organization, and had more internship and professional work experience than most. Weren't jobs supposed to be lining up at my doorstep? To make a very long story short, I started to question everything I had been taught and everything I thought I knew about myself. This is what jump-started my move into the spiritual world and powered my journey to self-awareness. And it wasn't long before I realized my energy needed a major makeover. 

I was tired of feeling defeated, so I decided I was done with that. The End. I made the conscious decision to be what I wanted to see in the world and to be the person who I dreamed of being. I made it a habit to give money to the homeless (even though I was unemployed and pinching my pennies), controlled my reaction to things that would have normally upset me, took every "disappointment" as a lesson, managed my anxious mind with meditation, and just decided I was grateful for what I did have. For too long I was living in a state of lack, I realized that I wasn't taking the time to show appreciation for what was already in front of me...so I made this a priority. I started throwing myself whole heartedly into following my passions. I was reading for fun again, blogging, and planning Curl Talk. Fast forward a few weeks and it's the day before my very first event. Buried up to my ears in managing logistics and creating DIY decorations (remember I said I was on a budget? I wasn't kidding!) I received a phone call from an unknown number and was offered a full time job in my field of study. Isn't it funny how the universe conspires in your favor when it sees you putting in the work?

You see, I needed to open myself up and show God, the universe, source, (whatever you want to call him/her/it) that I could do so much with what I already had before I could be blessed with more. I needed to switch my perspective before I could attract the good that I wanted. This isn't to say that I don't have bad days because LAWWWDDDDD, I do! But even on my bad days I practiced gratitude. I became more mindful of my thoughts and behaviors. I tried to approach everything that was thrown my way differently. My energy shifted and so did my circumstance. 

'Til next time, beauties! 

Tacha J.

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