You Set the Goals, Now It's Time to Achieve Them!

Can you believe we're over a quarter into 2017?! This realization hit me hard, mainly because I set out to do so much this year (including finding and falling in love with myself) so this milestone has prompted some deep personal reflection on my part. The last thing I would want is to look back when December rolls around and find that I haven't made any progress. Making a conscious effort to remain focused and setting aside some time to think about where you were, where you are now, and where you'd like to go can help you stay on track to achieving everything you want!

Here's how I'm staying on track:

1. I've been channeling my inner Uncle Rush (aka Russell Simmons) and taken a dive into the world of meditation. And let me tell you!!! This has become my very favorite way to clear my mind. We've all heard of spring cleaning our homes and our closets, but what about our bodies and our minds? Your temple needs cleansing too! When you meditate you block off your mind from the distractions of everyday life and open yourself up to the limitless possibilities of the world you're living in. Unplugging from stresses can put life in perspective and allows you to hear everything that your subconscious is trying to tell you (and trust me, your subconscious is flooding with brilliant ideas so do yourself a favor and listen up!)

2. Setting weekly (and even daily) goals is one of the practices that has been keeping me on track. I read an article once about habits that successful people have and it mentioned that planning your day down to the minute can improve your productivity. I don't get quite as detailed but I do operate on to do lists. The most important thing to remember when you're planning your days/weeks is to be realistic. No one knows you as well as you know you, that means being honest with yourself about what you can and will do is important. But don't beat yourself up if you don't get to everything on your list--that'll only discourage you! 

3. The last tidbit of advice I have for you is not to get discouraged. Sometimes life gets in the way of some of the goals we make for ourselves and we wind up pushing our own personal wants/needs to the back burner. But don't lose sight of your goals...odds are you made them for a reason and you're only willing to throw in the towel now because it's feeling out of reach. But it isn't, remember that. Oh, and if you do manage to cross a few things off early, don't kick your feet up and relish in your accomplishments (for too long). Keep it pushing because that only means you're capable of accomplishing way more than you anticipated. 

*Tach tip: Grab some motivational and personal development books for an added push! 

I hope this prompted you to revisit those New Years Resolutions we so often forget about, set some new goals for yourself, do a little planning, or take a lot of action!

'Til next time, beauties!

Natacha JohnComment