Have You Been Drinking Your Kombucha?

Kom-bu-WHAT?! Kom-bu-CHA! Kombucha, the fermented drink made of black tea, has gained a ton of popularity in recent years. And rightfully so. If you aren't incorporating this health drink into your diet, hopefully after reading this post you will.

We all know the importance of a nutrient-rich diet, but not many people take the time to consider how well their body is absorbing these nutrients. Bacteria and enzymes in your gut work to breakdown all the food that you consume and help your body absorb vitamins and minerals. The problem is, without knowing it, many people are deficient in these necessary enzymes. Loaded with probiotics and enzymes, this health drink helps to cultivate a favorable environment in your gut.

Aside from helping you get the most out of your food, kombucha will also help to boost your immune system. Packed with vitamin c and antioxidants this drink helps to control free radicals (atoms that wreak havoc when they interact with DNA and cell membranes, causing cell dysfunction). For this reason, kombucha can contribute to cancer prevention! Prevention is always better and easier than the treatment of any diagnosis. Do your body a favor and treat it well. 

As if cancer prevention and gut health aren't already good enough reasons to enjoy this drink a few times a week, kombucha also has detoxification benefits. These days, it seems everyone is looking for ways to detox their bodies. It's become a sort of trend, which isn't the worst thing if you ask me. If you're looking to rid your body of toxins and impurities consider a glass of kombucha. Kombucha contains glucuronic acid which attaches to toxins in the body and flushes them out through the kidneys. 

Fermented foods are a part of many cultures around the world, but are close to nonexistent in your traditional American diet. Germans have sauerkraut. Koreans have kimchi. The Japanese have natto. And the list goes on and on. Fermented foods aid in building strong immune systems, promote nutrient absorption, boost energy, and detox the body. Drinking kombucha is an easy way to reap all of these benefits in one fizzy, fruity, perfectly packaged bottle. So what are you waiting for?  

You can find kombucha at Target or your local health foods store.

Health + Happiness, 

Natacha John