Wellness Lessons I Learned from My Boyfriend

When preparing to move in together, I braced myself for the challenges that would inevitably come. For better or worse we were locked into a year-long lease together. If our relationship made a turn for the worst, there would be no escaping each other. Instinctually, I expected to learn lessons in patience, love, and generosity. Come to find out those wouldn’t be the only lessons taught. I became the student as I observed my boyfriend carrying out his daily rituals and I learned a thing or two about the peace and prosperity that comes with consistent practice.


Lesson #1: Wake up slow…and stretch. Every morning, no matter what day of the week or what’s on his schedule, he lies in bed for a few extra moments before rolling (yes, literally rolling) onto his yoga mat and stretching for 10 minutes. It’s a simple practice done rhythmically and with such care, a sort of meditation for body and spirit.



As it turns out, stretching shouldn’t only follow an intense workout and done daily it can have a ton of health benefits for the mind and body. Regular stretching increases the blood supply to your muscles and revs up the supply and spread of nutrients throughout your body. It’s also therapeutic; stretching can help relieve stress and tension in the body, leaving you with more energy, and a calmer mind. (Source: University of California)


Lesson #2: Breathe deep often. Every now and then I’d hear him taking deep breaths. These were different from those taken when stressed and after exercise; they weren't a reflex, they were intentional. 

Breathing isn’t something we think about often—we do it out of habit, our bodies do it without any real effort on our parts, and it’s likely we take it for granted until we find ourselves laid up in bed with a stuffy nose and no choice but to breath from our mouths. Truth be told, deep breathing has a ton of benefits you probably didn’t know about—it lowers your blood pressure, improves the delivery of oxygen throughout your body which “increases the functionality of every system in the body,” releases endorphins, and triggers the lymphatic system for the release of toxins. (Source: Living The Nourished Life


As simple as these practices may be, can you remember the last time you did either of them with true intention? Not just because you ran a mile but because you knew your body needed to be filled? It’s the start of a new year and everyone is looking for ways to make this one better than the last. I challenge you to make your wellness a priority! Take a moment and put this new information to use—then let me know how it went in the comment section.

Much love, beauties! May your 2018 be filled with happiness and shameless living!

Photos by @afarmersphoto. Shirt by @badgirlgoodhuman