This post is sponsored by Nurx, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

If we want to achieve all of our greatest dreams we need to be healthy, be it emotionally, spiritually, mentally, or physically. But sometimes it’s hard to make time for all of those. Its seems inevitable that if one area of our lives is flourishing, there are usually a few others that are suffering. I know I’m not alone when I say that my physical wellness often takes the backseat. I may wake up and make time to meditate and get my mind right for the day, and I always make sure I get any projects done, but I never really make it a priority to get my body right as well. Well, in an effort to treat my body with love and respect, and also make sure it can continue holding me and my busy schedule down, I decided to put it at the top of my priority list.

I’ve been trying to do it all-- exercising a few times a week, getting in bed at a decent hour every night, and checking in with my doctors (admittedly, this is the hardest thing for me). When it seems there are never enough hours in the day and it’s tough even finding the time to cook a proper meal, making time to see the doctor can feel impossible. Insert Nurx.

Nurx is an amazing and innovative brand that makes checking up on your body easier than ever! They provide a host of services for anyone in need of safe, quick, and AFFORDABLE healthcare. If you need birth control, emergency contraception, HIV prevention, or an HPV screening, whether or not you have health insurance, Nurx has options for you! It is important to note that Nurx can’t replace your doctor but it is a great service for in between visits.

For now, I want to delve a little deeper and talk about HPV specifically. The Human Papillomavirus (or HPV) is the most commonly transmitted STI. For something so common, it has really huge health implications when left untreated. Every year there are an astounding 34,000 new cervical cancer diagnoses caused by HPV. To make matters worse, the cervical cancer mortality rate among black women is twice as high as for white women. I’m not sharing this information to scare you. I’m sharing so that we can all do our parts and remain vigilant when it comes to our health, including our sexual health. This is why it’s critical to get screened regularly (women over 30 should be getting checked every 5 years). And contrary to popular belief, pap smears aren’t the only way to do this.

Getting started with Nurx is super easy (here’s a simple video explaining the whole process). Here’s the quick breakdown. Start off by visiting or download to Nurx app, answer a few easy questions about your health history and they’ll send a kit with an extra long q-tip, a plastic tube, a plastic bag, a sticker with a bar code, and a prepaid envelope. All you have to do is insert the swab the same way you would with a tampon and gently turn the swab in a circle against the wall of your vagina for 30 seconds. When the 30 seconds are up, just drop the q-tip in the tube, secure the tube, and drop it in the bag. Drop that bag in the prepaid envelope and send it off in the mail. The specialists will do their thing and get back to you in just a few days with your results.

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness month, so what better time to get your screening done? Let’s all make our health a priority this month and every month going forward.

Much love,